Sunday, April 30, 2017

creating the piedmont place to be

Heather, a builder of community

I am in awe of Heather Lagarde:
first of just what a good sweet person she is, 
a devoted wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend,
with a smile that lights up the darknesses in our hearts,

even more impressive, though is 
Heather, the builder of community:
a sleepy little milltown on the Haw River, Saxapahaw,
transformed into the piedmont place to be
for musicians, artists, farmers, and those who appreciate them,
the Haw River Ballroom, hard by the enticing river,
calling person after person, group after group,
to coalesce into community,
whether for a party, a concert, or a conference,
so that people have jobs,
musicians a venue,
our sense of self a potential center,

once a year health care professionals and scientists
come together for SwitchPoint,
sponsored by the international Intrahealth,
for whom Heather also works,
networking ideas and connections,
and re-energizing to push the rock back up the hill
and hoping this time it stays,
while also realizing ever step forward is a victory,

Heather helps us all to step upward
and sense a connection with others on the same journey,

a builder of community—that is Heather.

by Henry H. Walker

April 29, ‘17
image courtesy of Heather's Twitter,
permission to use image given by Heather

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