Wednesday, April 26, 2017

take the parts and make the whole

cutting time to double

Mother always said
“Having kids help you cook cuts your time to double.”

yet she also said it with a smile
and with a sureness to offer the chance again and again
to any child who could be enticed into the mysteries
we now have the Cooking Channel for,

I find a hunger to cook in my middle school students,
a desire to take the parts and make the whole,
to imagine something they like
and find the way to get to it,

I find the way to often “cut my time to double,”
that’s why I’m a teacher still
for I see the drive to wholeness within the young person,
and, for now, I still have the patience
to nurture that drive despite all the conflicting dissolutions
that also arise within the burgeoning self.

by Henry H. Walker
April 27, ’17

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