Sunday, April 9, 2017

emotionally on point

my hyperactive psyche

my psyche has ADD:
my emotional attention always alert
as if to beware a predator—
something wrong that stalks me,

I do not find it easy
to relax into a mental stupor,
to be like a couch potato,
mesmerized into passivity,

my psyche is often on point,
alert to threats:
a snapped twig might mean a person,
a twinge in my body might mean a fatal glitch,

death always but an absence of a breath away,

in the night my subconscious stays on point,
I resurrect old wounds and hurt again
for what I did, for what I didn’t do,
I’m on point with concern 
for my wife, my children, my grandchildren,
my students, my friends, my country,

just as ADD may have saved the tribe on the savannah,
so I hope my ease into anxiousness
helps me live each moment fully.

by Henry H. Walker
April 6, ’17

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