Wednesday, April 5, 2017

the gift of self

our granddaughters, spring of ‘17

our granddaughters are growing up,

I feel that a person is real and full 
at every stage, from infant on,
yet I think that the mists clear at about a dozen years
and the coalescing and definition of self
can have a sharp clarity that can stun you,
that’s how I feel with the extraordinary sureness and depth
my granddaughter lives now,
I look at Rachel, interact with Rachel,
and I feel that power that manifests
in her eyes, in her words, in her actions,
in the gift of herself that she unwraps for the world,

four years younger than she,
her sister can take my breath away
when she releases the creative extrovert,
the one who dances, sings, performs,
the one who gives her all to the moment,
and I can feel for her when emotions rock her,
when joy transforms into long moments of despair,
when she wishes the moments that beat upon her
came more easily, more surely,
with Izzy, I see the incredible young woman
inherent in her and increasingly able to release itself,

our granddaughters are amazing!

by Henry H. Walker

April 3, ’17

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