Monday, December 4, 2017

to live a sureness of self

The Winter Dance Concert

the dancers live a poise onstage:
a sense of self permeates them,
a sureness of who they are
as they move through choreographed interactions:
of self with idea,
of self with space,
of self with others,
of self with self,

both grounded, and leaping away from the grounding,

gravity subdues the body soaring,
but tonight I watched spirit after spirit be itself 
and use control and movement to leap and soar,
as each self found the key
to crack open and let the spirit show itself,
that part of us the Quaker knows
as that of God within,

with dance I can feel that within come out,

may each dancer know their efforts worked,
and may the sureness of self they danced
live within them when the world seeks to buffet them
away from the rightness they lived tonight.

by Henry H. Walker

December 4, ‘17

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