Friday, December 15, 2017

to fill our souls

food as art

I applaud competency:
a sureness of doing a job well,

it is good to know the basics of cooking,
to be able to follow a recipe,
and our stomachs are filled,

tonight, we had a meal
with chef and wait staff
not just competent, but artists,
artists who created dishes
true to the inherent goodness within each item
and true to the possibilities of synergy between the foods:
the visual, the taste, the texture, the aroma—all in play,

while our stomachs are filled, so are our souls,

I work with young people,
and, like the chef, 
I feel my work to be of art,
creation after creation in the moment,
my repertoire of competence, a toolbox
with which I create,
best as I can,
with love,

when any of us adds the art within us
to the world outside of us,
wonder can happen,

tonight our meal was of wonder.

by Henry H. Walker 
December 15, ‘17
after a meal at the Durham Hotel,
Andrea Reusing, a person of brilliance

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