Sunday, December 3, 2017

an attempt to describe who we are as a school

Carolina Friends School

at Carolina Friends School
curriculum and experience are personalized
so that each unique teacher and student 
has a say in what we do, in who we are,
within the guidance of best practices and Quaker philosophy,

here we work to see your child truly, 
we learn to know your child,
we grow to love your child,

with the unique becoming wholeness of each teacher
we adjust curriculum and experience to fit
the unique becoming wholeness of each student,

we seek to serve the individual,
to help each develop attitude and skills for continual progress,
to learn to assert self with confidence,
to achieve the goals for which they strive,

we seek to build community
where each recognizes and appreciates the other,
so that the self we assert becomes larger, greater,

who we are as a school
can be as hard to describe
as all the different selves
of teachers and students who come together here,
and make the school work,
and, when it works,

each of us can release the best within.

by Henry H. Walker

November 10, ‘17

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