Monday, December 5, 2016

wake up and grab the moments

what is transient, what lasts

Daddy’s abrupt death near my 14th birthday
shook me, and still shakes me,
as if to make me wake up
and notice how transient the moments,

I have long feared to approach my death
and the accounting for my life that would flash before me,
I want to feel I’ve noticed, I’ve appreciated,
I have fully lived the moments given me,
and given of my soul to help those within my touch
come into the power and sureness
I believe that God wants,
and expects, from each of us,

I love the play Our Town,
for Thornton Wilder preaches to the choir in me
to wake up and grab the moments,

it’s a fine line
to feel power and rightness
without letting it make us lose our edge,

we need to reboot our systems
often enough so that we learn anew, every moment,
that each breath is a gift,
each moment a wonder,
that God can only manifest in the world
if we can forget the selfish within us
and let the selfless work God’s will upon the world.

by Henry H. Walker

December 3, ‘16

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