Saturday, December 31, 2016

an opinion needs the test of reality

aggressive ignorance

he sounds aggressively ignorant to me,
as he insists those settlers up this mountain valley
must have used mortar in the steps before us,
despite the wealth of experience I offer up to him,

I contend that ignorance is our basic lot in life,
since there’s a universe outside us, maybe more than one,
for sure, our universe one we can never fully understand,
yet I believe that we must see the world as it is,
and build our understanding step by step,
just as did the farmer with these steps before us,

to view our own opinion as worthy, just because it’s ours,
can damn us, and our aggressive ignorance
can keep us from seeing the path
that can save us from our own stupidity.

by Henry H. Walker

December 28, ‘16

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