Sunday, December 25, 2016

kids, grandkids, of Fate and choice

free will

I cannot quite face
how much I love my children,
how much I love my grandchildren,
some are on the way to the cabin already,
others plan to join us in a few days,

I cook, we cook,
I plan, we plan,
we love the idea of presents for them,
of treats, of taking care of them,

what is most wonderful, and
what is most troublesome,
is that their futures are theirs, and Fate’s, to control,
not within our power, yet surely within our hope,

as we understand God to be,
free will came along with creation,
maybe the reason for creation,

the puppet-master isn’t in charge,
the strings are cut,
what comes into being,
and what happens to that being,
beyond our control,
by design,

I hope,
and I fear. 

by Henry H. Walker

December 23, ‘16

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