Saturday, December 24, 2016

create together

coalescing on the page

the pressure builds within me:
experiences, thoughts, feelings
come and stay, all a-churn,
just below what I notice,
they only roughly organize themselves,
each jostles for attention,
my triage nurses inside prioritize,
and I deal only with the most immediate,

then, when I get some time, unscripted,
my soul loves to write the scripts
that star my experiences, thoughts, feelings,
that help me to know them and let their stories be told,

meaning coalesces, a meaning that wasn’t entirely there,
until it and I had a talk on the page,

I know a brilliant writer
who describes her stories as coming from the characters
she finds and fleshes out full,
not Athena, full-blown, who just appears,
but characters whose stories come into being on the page
in a kind of alchemy in which the author and they
tap into the universe’s need to create. 

by Henry H. Walker

December 23, ’16

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