Tuesday, December 20, 2016

of ice, rainbow, cloud, elk, and blustery wind

extremes today

the wind roars today,
though in fits,
as if the world meditates between exhalations
the breathing out explosive as a sneeze,

I look up into the high branches above,
checking out potential widow-makers,
and I work to imagine that the much fiercer winds
two and a half weeks ago would have convinced 
the susceptible to fall,
high in the beech above
a thick section of broken-off tree
as if ready to plummet down any time,

I retreat to the screened-in porch,

the day that started out 300 miles to the east
with light freezing drizzle,
that morphed 50 miles east into light rain,
a full rainbow over Lake Junaluska,
then into a heavy mist
that squeezed all around the car
to deny us distance,

we saw a herd of elk that lazed about in a big meadow,
the bull happy and unchallenged
with his genes safe in an abundance of wombs,

now the day ebbs,
warm and blustery as spring.

by Henry H. Walker

December 17, ’16

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