Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cabin on the Creek, and the Chimney Tops 2 Fire

Here are pictures, with captions of the Cabin on the Creek and its environs after the Chimney Tops 2 Fire swept at it and around it and all around the area.  I am putting it on my blog since I have
found putting captions much easier on the blog than on Facebook.
Cabin on the Creek from Park

View of Park from Cabin, picture above it
taken from the trail to right in picture

View at front of Cabin

Plastic clean-out pipe for septic system

Just up from Cabin

View from front porch, looking down creek.  Note flag at half-mast.

Burned plastic chair below porch of cabin

Melted plastic chair below porch of cabin

Fire affected plastic chairs in environs

Just upstream from Cabin

Along 441, to left of popular viewing spot for Chimneys

Chimneys after fire, back side

Chimneys on fire, early in the process

Chimneys in Hoar Frost after the fire

Great Beech above Cabin, all the rotted parts burned

Unburned leaves, what the fire had to work with

Above cabin, up Grassy Branch

Old stumps burned freely

We still welcome people to Cabin and Park, to feel free to pass through our yard.


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Unknown said...

Nature is powerful, beautiful but not always kind. Like the forest, you too will rebound. You have it in you.
Take care,

Roadscrape88 said...

Henry, thanks for sharing.

If you get a chance, perhaps you could get some photos of the hemlock stumps that burned deep into the ground.

Thanks for documenting the fire's effects!

Kindest regards,
Bill in Roswell, GA