Friday, November 11, 2016

what are the new rules?

something deep must need fixing

this last election flummoxed me,
somehow the other side from me,
like a too indulgent parent,
never seemed bothered by actions and words
that would have doomed a candidate I would support:
Michael Dukakis wore a helmet in a tank,
and lost the potential Presidency,
John Kerry acknowledged that he was for something,
and then against it,
and lost the potential Presidency,
Edmund Muskie cried, once,
Vermont Governor Howard Dean screamed, once,
Al Gore took too much credit for his real work as to the Internet,
and they all lost the potential Presidency,
Donald Trump said and did countless things,
far worse in my value system,
and wins the Presidency,

how dysfunctional our government, economy, and culture must be
for our country to suspend disbelief
and vote for hope in a person
for whom I can not yet figure any path he can find
to lead us to a better future,
the way the other half of the country
seems so sure will be our way forward,
something deep surely must be broken,
for so many to confound conventional wisdom.

by Henry H. Walker

November 10 ‘16

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