Friday, November 4, 2016

doubt in the night

hate descends on “us”

last night the weight of the future
broke open my sleep
and troubled my sureness,
in the midnight hour I felt the Force disturbed,
the future for our grandchildren looked shaky,
I feared for how hate
descends upon the collective “us”
and could elect a chameleon,
one who really cares only for himself,
yet one whom many hope can keep them afloat
in the troubled waters that beat upon their sureness:

“hold on to him and we can push ourselves higher!
then we can deny the change
that takes away our jobs, 
our sureness of superiority,
the comfort that only we should win
and surely the other must lose,
for God is on our side!”

how much better our species would be
even for our species,
if we got the truth that we are but one wager
the universe makes,
and, if we fail, life will have to find another way.

by Henry H. Walker

November 2, ‘16

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