Friday, November 4, 2016

vote for greatness through love

refind greatness through love

we each have a superpower,
and it is love,

deep down each of us is alone,
a fragment, a piece,
bereft until it rejoins a whole,

in a friend we can discover a worth about us through that friendship,
in a partner we can discover an even deeper worth about us,

and, if we open ourselves to anyone who is out of kilter,
we can help them find a new balance,
as we tap into a transformative power
that doesn’t come from a radioactive spider or gamma rays,
it comes from releasing a bit of that of God within us,

we love,
we act on that love,
and the world can transform:
piece by piece,
fragment by fragment,
as wholeness refinds itself anew,

I vote for those who believe in love
and believe that we can transform ourselves,
that we can refind greatness through love.

by Henry H. Walker

November 3, ‘16

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