Wednesday, November 23, 2016

rightness in nature vs wrongness in our actions

nature, and our neuroses

while the human world is in tumult—
politics and elections, work and school,
within the maelstrom of human interaction,
the natural world is both sympathetic, reflective,
and also comfortingly impervious to our neuroses,

our state knows the climate is changing in realities on the ground:
flooding rains in the Coastal Plain, 
drought and fires in the mountains,
and still the state, in terms of Raleigh leadership, 
denies any truth is revealed,
for that would be inconvenient,
nevertheless,  the leaves do transform into color and return to the earth,
today the winds released waves of them toward the ground,
the woods as if sleeted 
by troops of resigned leaves and hopeful poplar seeds,
each seed a descending helicopter, full of hope,
within an actuarial fatalism that life has to deal with,

seasons turn, and we ignore the rightness within nature,
and the wrongness within our own actions, at our own peril.

by Henry H. Walker

November 19, ‘16

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