Monday, November 21, 2016

to Quake

a power that can shake us

great power hides in our souls,
perhaps that of God within us
knows we can’t handle such power
and encourages us to pile blankets of trivia upon it,

emotions can trick us past the defenses,
and for brief eternal moments we can touch that power,

grief can shake us,
a sunrise, a redwood, a wolf can overcome us,
a lover, a baby, anything so right
we cannot deny long moments of wonder,

Quakers have long known that power:
when it manifested in them, they could quake,
physically and psychically,
and as a friend on a journey,
a quest through dark woods,
each could call to us 
of what they could see of the way revealed,

all of us need to access that power,
but it can be hard,
and it can hurt beyond 
what we think we can endure.

by Henry H. Walker

November 19, ‘16

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