Friday, November 25, 2016

how much do we share?

two roads diverge

one side loses an election,
and the losers fear that they will be ignored:
their jobs, their values, the world they know,
all sacrificed to a future they don’t want,

later, the other side loses an election,
and the losers fear they will be ignored,
yet the “they”, it seems to me, is a large tribe,
including those Jesus called to us to consider “blessed”:
the poor, the weak, the different,
the reviled Samaritan better than the self-righteous Pharisee,
the house of God welcoming with many rooms,

two roads diverge,
and I choose the one
upon which I can enlarge my sense of self
to be as one with others at the heart we share,
not just with the neighbor,
not just with those who look like me,

to share at the heart better than to share just at the skin.

by Henry H. Walker

November 25, ’16

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