Friday, September 2, 2016

Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences

to hold the multiple within the one

consciousness allows us to consider the world,
and to realize that we are considering it,
to see a reflection and realize
it is “I” looking back to “me,”

empathy is a wonderful too for consciousness to use:
to leap into the others’ shoes,
to feel as the other feels,
to imagine how the world might look through another’s eyes,

Howard Gardner did so
and started to realize distinct patterns
in how the world appears to us
and in how we might act upon that world,

as a creature of words, of course I write this to understand,
as a lover of numbers and logical relationship,
I want to identify and catalogue the different paths to knowing,
the intrapersonal in me wants to understand how I’m configured,
the interpersonal in me wants to understand 
how others are configured, and how we might connect,
the musical within me is listening now to Rosanne Cash as I write this,
while the naturalist within me looks out at my garden while I write,

the artist’s take on the world can most challenge me,
for color, shape, and the gestalt of the world through an artist’s eyes
are only hints for my empathy to imagine
as to how the universe manifests to an artist,
only in my photography do I regularly embody in my life
how to use what the artist in me sees to pierce the fog 
that keeps many of us from seeing the world true,

the bodily, the kinesthetic, is even more distant to me,
action, movement, the key to allow the physical
to mostly clearly express life in the material,
so that the abstract, the ethereal,
can ground itself in what is most real
while we can still be here to realize it.

by Henry H. Walker

September 2, ‘16

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