Sunday, September 25, 2016

what we need as a school

in a new head of school?

our school searches for a new head of school,
and four fine candidates have emerged
from a larger pool of possibility,

I have my druthers:
leadership that is first among equals,
one who knows when to follow, when to lead,
and how to pull consensus out of contention,
an understanding that we are one school,
that we range from 3 to 18,
that every child works hard to be and do their best,
I hope for an understanding of child development,
that the seed planted and nourished in the early school
is what we tend in lower, middle, and upper school,
that when we celebrate a flowering or fruiting,
we should celebrate the gardening of spring and summer, too,

what now, though, do we need as a school?
what is calling to the better angels of our nature?
what candidate is best poised to help CFS
continue to meet the challenge of who we want to be?
I fear for nostalgia ruling us,
that we might seek a repeat of a former head,
and thus miss out on a different combination
of strengths and weaknesses that might be best for us now,
I want a head of school to help us realize 
and appreciate what we already do well
and gently help us to get even better at what calls us
to even more closely embody our philosophy in our practice.

by Henry H. Walker
September 23, ‘16

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Unknown said...

A 5am muse speaks with his heart in the right place. I hope we can help you find what you seek.