Tuesday, September 13, 2016

a radical: back to the roots

in a head of school

what do I want in a head of school?

I want a radical:
a leader who will be there with us
back at the roots of what a Quaker school should be,
to feel and act upon George Fox’s charge
to “walk cheerfully” and to respond to
that of God within each student, within each staff,
and thus find space to transform the world
with the power of each individual witness 
to what can and should be,
and the community that holds each individual
and builds a whole far beyond the sum of the parts.

to concentrate, to focus, on each individual learner
and on how a school can transform itself
to be there, most effectively,
to help each and every student
break free from any shackles
that deny the power within
that strains to release itself,

a student’s relationship with the world,
with the teacher as mentor,
with the self within and the self without,
as sacred as anything that I can imagine,

a school at its best works hard to get back to the roots
for only then can the child grow high and reach
for the light without that calls to the light within.

by Henry H. Walker
September 12, ‘16

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