Saturday, September 17, 2016

self-doubt, and the divinity

to open to the power

self-doubt can save us from losing our edge,
from losing our knowing that we are small
within the infinity that is outside us,
yet that same self-doubt can blind us
to the infinity within with which
we can touch divinity and still live,

it can scare me
when I realize how well I can see a child,
I work to wait to take their picture
until the spirit within twinkles in their eyes,
and I am always a bit saddened 
when the young person crafts a persona in a pose
rather than the authentic wonder the parent can know,

it can scare me
when I listen to my experience,
and/or to the words of a loved one,
and I can then craft a word picture of a  person
that understands and reveals them enough
to at least briefly touch the wonder that lives, that lived,

I hope I can continue as a teacher
as long as I can see each child
and find the paths to help that self come into its power,
I have no illusion that it is I with the power,
yet it is I who can help open to the power,

and it is good,

and it is scary.

by Henry H. Walker
September 13, ‘16

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