Friday, September 16, 2016

at the heart of a middle school

thank you, Kip

we Quakers have an ambivalence toward leaders,
we know that each of us
can be a conduit through whom God can speak,
how then can we know who gets it better?
to whom God speaks more truly?
to whom God speaks less surely?

as primal to the middle school 
as a child to parent
is advisee to advisor,

enter the head teacher, the leader,
who seeks to know the students and the advisors,
from the kids’ input of words and thoughts
and from the head teacher’s understandings of all together,
the head teacher seeks to balance how individuals and collectives
might somehow coalesce into the groupings most right
for how to best use student and teacher, advisee and advisor:
the goal to create wholes,
wholes that can best allow each young person
to express the whole inherent within them,
within a whole that is without them,
at its best, the journey is hard,
but at its best each of us uses care and love
to help the whole become itself,
each of us inside the whole
better for the work and play we do together,

thank you, Kip,
for how well you’ve testified in your work,
and brought us closer to our goals.

by Henry H. Walker
September 15, ‘16

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