Friday, July 31, 2015

be open to revelation

I read an opinion column in the NY Times.  The guy's thesis was that Rupert Murdoch is making money on Go Set a Watchman, so therefore it's tainted by that association.  Here's my reaction to that attack on the book.

Harper Lee and Eldering

I sorrow when small minds smug themselves into arrogance,
for I believe in a Quaker sense of eldering,
that each of us should be on a journey
to open ourselves to the revelation of God,
the sense that we can grow and become larger
only if we are open to truths that can shake us
and help us move, however painfully, toward the Light,

Harper Lee was gifted with ability and will when young,
and crafted a novel, Go Set a Watchman,
that was so personal and raw in her pain
that it is universal if we allow it to be,

just as impressive, in the twilight of her life,
she is still true to herself and her vision,
she releases the book for us,
and some deny the message and the messengers,

for somehow we have established a culture
within which criticism gives one cachet
to seem worth listening to,
even when there’s little behind the curtain. 

by Henry H. Walker
July 26, ’15

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