Tuesday, July 28, 2015

of comfort, of wildness

bears and boundaries

our cabin cradles against the part of the creek
that falls with some energy:
enough to power a tub mill
when the people living here
had no fossil fuels to do the work
of turning hard kernels of corn into meal,

as I sit by the creek and meditate,
open-eyed and stilling,
a movement in the flat upstream catches my eye,
a bear ambles across the creek,
a regular crossing place for bear and turkey,
and then, like a word you can’t quite call up,
moves through the woods just up the valley from houses and yards,

our world, and his, buffered a bit by his choice, and by ours,
bears move at the boundary, as night becomes day,
and day becomes night,
and here when the wild and the domestic intersect,

I found two paw prints down the creek from the house
of where a bear last night crossed the stream at the Ford,
the sand a clumsy form yet I still plaster of paris the traces,

I love comfort while I indulge my love for the wild,
the bear loves the wild and still is drawn to the comfort
of an easy snack from a human’s inattention. 

another bear and cub, same principle

by Henry H. Walker
July 24, ’15

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