Thursday, July 30, 2015

connections, and their loss

building worth?

I want to make connections,
to build communities--
within the family,
within my school, whether with students or teachers,
with my neighborhood,
where we are so different
it’s hard to imagine we can agree
even on what to do with our common road,
yet we do--

and I work hard at every coming together
within every community I work to help build,

yet each night I often realize
that no amount of good works justifies my days,
and my soul needs work 
so that I can know and live with my demons,

I fear,
I fear being inadequate to the task,
I fear not being there for another,

as I age I fear death,
at least on one sure level that when I’m gone
I will no longer be there for others,

and I hate to let the other down. 

by Henry H. Walker

July 26, ’15

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