Friday, July 3, 2015

Park Vista arrogance

priorities from money

as I drive up to the Smokies
I come around a corner
and there is a great circle of ferris wheel
between me and Mt. LeConte,
the fourth tallest peak east of the Rockies,

they could put it here, so they did,
as if the view were nothing compared to the thrill of the ride,
I mean nothing compared to the money in the owners’ pockets,

the same with the Park Vista,
arrogantly built on a hill between Gatlinburg and Mt. LeConte,
the city ordinance against such breaking in line, waived,
money under the table trumps the view
that used to grace the town,

The offending hotel
Mt. LeConte, Park Vista is on far left

we can feel we’re fine
and never quite realize what’s been stolen from us.

by Henry H. Walker
June 28, ‘15

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