Sunday, August 2, 2015

a phase change in development

a new sureness

it feels like a phase change,
as when ice turns to water,
or water to gas,
our two granddaughters, aged 7 and 10 (going on 15),
have developed into an independence, a sureness of self,
that feels awesome, and sometimes troubling,
as each is more captain of her ship
than apprentice to the wisdom within me,

we cook together, and, for the first time,
they don’t cut my time to double,
yet rather do exactly what I’d wish
and I become almost sous-chef to help them,

we are heading toward when
we are important in their world 
as “a” source, not “the” source,
 just one of an expanding number of sources
that each will use as needed, and desired,
to help who they know themselves to be
to come more fully into her power.

by Henry H. Walker
June 24, ’15

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