Wednesday, August 5, 2015

sunrise and sunset, on Mt. LeConte

open to revelation and balance


the Anasazi a thousand years ago,
in what we now call the Four Corners area,
celebrated noon on the Equinoxes 
with countless markers on a butte for the Sun to play with,
as if each were a celebratory firework
to remind them to hold the opposing and different as one,
the middle of the day in the middle of the year,
with night and day of equal weight,

I’ll bet they would have loved Mt LeConte in the Smokies,
whose heights stretch east to west,
and at each end, rock promontories serve for us as balconies
from which to celebrate the drama of the Sun in transition,
as it drops and rises through the horizon each day:
endings and beginnings, 
sometimes clarity and color,
sometimes shifts through gray to black, or black to gray,

Sunset from Cliff Top, Mt. LeConte 8/1/15

Sunset from Cliff Top, Mt. LeConte 8/1/15

Sunrise from Myrtle Point, Mt. LeConte 8/2/15

Sunrise from Myrtle Point, Mt. LeConte 8/2/15

Sunrise from Myrtle Point, Mt. LeConte 8/2/15

I want to hold the truth and rightness within dusk and dawn,
so when I’m on top of the mountain
I end the day at Cliff Top
and start the day at Myrtle Point,
I want to hold the balance as in Ecclesiastes:
“a time for every purpose under heaven,”

I cannot understand those who deny the power of daybreak
and who cannot and will not consider a rise to honor the dawn
and deny themselves a few hours of common sleep,

to be as great as the universe hopes us to be,
we need to open ourselves to be shaken to our core,
only then can we find balance,
as the universe elders us with reality.

by Henry H. Walker
August 2, ‘15


Karen said...

So grateful for the blessing to be able to set and rise on LeConte with such wonderful folk. As I walked in the pre-dawn trail, I didn't take the wrong bend in the road (with affirmations from S.Tate behind me that has often offset my arrival at Myrtle Point). I didn't walk with fear of falling and re-breaking my arm. It is always walking to my "New Year" to be blessed between the setting and rising of the Sun at LeConte. I reset my clock while taking in new and older parents with their spectacular children; a widow who determinedly connects with the memories and the family of her loved one; realizing that some slept through Henry's quiet awakening and it is OK; it is as if each one on LeConte shows me what love is. I feeling the gentle love and support of those who cannot be with the rest of us on the mountain. Perspective Extraordinaire. I celebrate the New Year - but Spirit aside - I am reminded of the need to carve out of my schedule in August to help Joan in her new spaces. I am so grateful. Love, Karen

Renee said...

Such beautiful images - it was sweet indeed to be able to bring the sunrise (and sunset) back to mind. What a gift you and Joan provide to all who have the opportunity to experience such magic.