Sunday, August 9, 2015

that which was asunder, comes together

Katherine and Bryan

I have known you, Katherine, since you were born,
and I know of the challenges you’ve faced,
your victories coming into the power of your self
even more impressive, given the thwarting buffets
you’ve had to deal with,
I’ll bet the same is true of you, Bryan,
for there is power in you now
and it takes a forge to bring out metal true,

Plato had a “fantastic hypothesis” 
that we were before time two as one,
that we were wrenched asunder,
and that we seek our other half, the complement,
the one that completes us,

may you be that for each other,

at our most basic we can be lonely--
a stranger in a strange land--
may everyone be able to find the path out of that loneliness
to the significant other who grounds us and then lets us soar,

may you be the one for each other,
and may that which was broken be whole again.

by Henry H. Walker
August 8, ’15

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