Monday, August 24, 2015

CFS and Circles

circles unbroken

at the campfire circle
the fire centers the space, and us,
the dark pushed back by 
flickers of flame, 
smart phone intrusive beams,
and distant stars in the heavens,
connections facilitated by darkness
decreasing the radius of each of our worlds,
libations decreasing distance from others and reticence,

as a school the fire of each student centers us,
each unit, each teacher, each support person
as if each of us forms together circle after circle
to hold the light of each child,
to hold in a way to give it air
and allow it to know itself well enough to flame brightly,

the genius we can be as a school
is to know that each connection is vital,
the learner needs to not be alone,
the teacher needs to realize
that each of us is important
and that each of us is but a piece,
a piece of circles that have held the student before now
and will hold the student after us,

when we get together as a staff,
we must work to keep the circles unbroken.

by Henry H. Walker
August 22, ‘15

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