Wednesday, September 2, 2015

a metaphysical musing

the disquiet of life

life disquiets the universe,

the material has the quiet of stasis and dissolution about it:
resignation, simplicity, only the binding of gravity and proximity,

life aches toward complexity
and piles block upon block, knowing they will fall,
but building up anyway,
as if hoping that going against the current of entropy
has the divine about it:
the bringing of form to the formless,
connection to resist loneliness,

each seed echoes God’s dream before the universe came to be:
there should be order, a naming,
a rightness to shout into the stillness,
a subjectivity to challenge objectivity,
a will to be, to assert,
to search for meaning,
to assert “1” when the universe sleeps toward “0,”

we of life disquiet the universe while we live,
we spread disturbance upon disturbance,
and we hope the disquiet leads us back
to knowing ourselves as good and right,
and that we bring purpose to the formless.

by Henry H. Walker
September 1, ‘15

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