Tuesday, December 30, 2014

which the master? which the servant?

technology can cut my time to double

my mother used to say that cooking with a child
cut her time cooking to double,
that’s how I feel about each new computer-born system,
there’s always the hope that this program will be the tool
that helps teaching and learning become easier,
maybe that can be so--quicker, surer,
for me, though, each helpful software system
cuts my time to double,
as the screen calls me more than the child,
as the system can glitch
and I have to juggle more and more,

I dread to hear “the server is down. . . the internet is down,”

I work to juggle what I hope to teach 
and how my students learn,
and I fear to drop them
when the technology balls I hope to also juggle
drop too often to the floor. 

by Henry H. Walker
December 5, ’14

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