Monday, December 8, 2014

permanence? ridiculous concept

not written in stone

what a ridiculous concept,
within even a human lifetime
stores come and go,
neighborhoods transform
and forget the lives that played out there before,

we talk of change and how a present convention
is “not written in stone,”

so I look for artifacts from previous people
written in stone points and tools,
in the sculpting of the land,

I’m proud of the walls and steps of stone I have made,
and I reach toward the future
with my students, my children, my grandchildren,
and with my words,

today I am proud of how I’ve understood the creek
and what high water can do to its bed,
and how we moved rocks to help channel the way
for water to clear a place to dip,
and now a small waterfall exists where, without our touch,
the world would have lost a small grace,

storms come, the creek floods,
and the bed is remade,

even stone can rewrite itself. 

by Henry H. Walker
November 29, ’14

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