Monday, December 29, 2014

and we are free

where God is

where a ginger flower blooms, 

God is,

where an eagle soars

 or a heron erupts into flight,

God is,

where the sun ablaze drops off into the welcoming ocean,

God is,

where the sun rises freshly new above Smoky Mountain,

God is,

where bears endure,

where the peregrine falcon returns,

where we welcome wolves back to a shared world,

God is,

where we remember to leave room for trees to remember,

God is,

wherever water dances with rock to gravity’s song,

God is,

wherever water meets land,

or land meets sky,

wherever DNA provides melody 
within the planet’s dance with our star,
God is,

we should beware the siren call of our technology
which can pull us away from the primal,

we should beware the beguile of the reflection of ourselves
that tricks us away from the primary, the source,
where God is,
and we only feel we live in iMoments,
for Siri often does answer a prayer
and Google can tell us where we are and where to go,

while beguiled, we can dream away the too few years
we are given to make a difference,

only when we apprentice ourselves to the Source,

can we learn to be true to the gift of God within us,
for God is also there,

and needs to live within the rightness that we do,

wherever one connects with another,

God is. . .

and we are free. . .

by Henry H. Walker
November 14, ’14

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