Friday, December 19, 2014

we are not in control

the darkness impinges

my emotions are so close to my surface
I feel like I’m on the Ring of Fire
with great plates moving against each other
and plumes of feeling ready to erupt
and surprise me on the calm surface on which I appear to live,

as the year winds down, the dark crowds the day
and slows down dawn and speeds up dusk,

consciously we moderns can ignore that underlying truth
with electric lights, fossil-fueled heat, and denial,
nevertheless, we get irritable, we are tired,
we feel a darkness impinge upon us,

we don’t realize how much 
we are driven by that underlying darkness we cannot control,
yet what we can understand if we open ourselves
to realize the depths that are so much who we are,

dark and light are one, so are we,
particularly when our earth trembles
and plumes of feelings remind us we are not in control. 

by Henry H. Walker
December 12, ’14

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