Tuesday, December 2, 2014

they help me be my best

who they were is still with me

they say that schizophrenia activates one’s mind
to populate the surroundings with people no one else sees,
so can death,

when people die, they can still be in our universe
as phantoms who can seem to be with us, still,
though they do fade,
part of me lives in multiple time-lines
as I bring forward the memories of those now lost,
and I relive our interactions with each other
that continue to make me much of who I am,

some attempt to clear up such mental clutter
by denying any place in the present for those spirits, 
except as caged in memory or whispering at us like the wind,

while I can, I want to pull those gone along with me into new moments,
within which each reminds me to remember and honor
how well who they were helps me be who I can be. 

by Henry H. Walker
November 27, ’14

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