Tuesday, May 7, 2013

she's already taken me


on some levels
every story of growing-up is the same,
so a second grandchild gets fewer poetic remarks from me,
though, when she was 2, 
I felt I finally got that glorious challenge truer
than I had with our own kids or with her older sister,

still, when I watch Izzy
gather up all we left on the deck and bring it all in,

when she loses herself in getting a spider drawn right,
a picture of a pumpkin made well,
when she loses herself in games with her older sister,
or in project after project,
today with chalk on the pavement outside,
I am struck anew by the miracles
of a good heart, a good brain, a good self
coming true upon the world,

Izzy can take the world by story:
she’s already taken me.

by Henry H. Walker
May 5, ’13

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