Tuesday, May 7, 2013

caught by story

our 8 year old granddaughter

she curls up with a book
and loses herself in it,
captured by character and story:
the magic code of squiggles
that morph into the magic of words
that somehow hold within themselves and their connections
the magic of story, then the story can hold her,
like those eyes of faerie
from which we cannot tear ourselves loose,

she is alone but for book and story,
a child who never likes to be alone,
one who loves people and connection deeply,
so it would seem she’d want to connect
the worlds of her reading with adults--
and she doesn’t--
it’s as if each book is a secret garden for her alone,
and the magic of the story 
might dissolve into pumpkin if talked about,

now at 8 she loves biographies,
maybe because she loves people
and craves knowing what makes them tick,

she has a hunger for knowledge
and quizzes us on trivia of United States presidents,
particularly the earliest,

the world opens before her
and she wants to know it well.

by Henry H. Walker
May 4, ’13

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