Tuesday, March 8, 2016

tallest mountain in New Zealand!

Mt. Cook

here in the flat valley, half-tree and half-savanna,
below snow-capped and precipitous Mt. Cook,
I feel struck dumb with awe,
plate tectonics and vulcanism
contorted gray rock to over 8000’ above us,
and here perches a luxurious hotel, 
mated to a view that lifts the spirit up into it,
the last light of the setting sun
shines upon the last snowy peak,

I can like and appreciate subtlety,
but I love brash, abrupt mountains,
particularly when they rise fast and high
above gentle, contrasting verdant valleys,

a glacier still reaches down a neighboring slope,
as if in a hurry to reach the valley floor,

our eyes are in a hurry to reach the mountain top. 

Mt. Tasman, just by Mt. Cook, source of the Tasman Glacier

by Henry H. Walker
March 2, ’16

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