Monday, March 7, 2016

location, and dislocation

a dislocation

I know, somewhere in my head,
that we’re way Down Under,
today on the South Island of New Zealand,

for months I’ve imagined being here,
and I’ve imagined then feeling a profound dislocation of self,

I’ve imagined feeling upheavals in latitude and longitude,
and somehow noticing I’m upside-down,
compared to how I’ve been all my life,

all that, right now, seems distantly abstract,
the cold wind that blusters me? concrete. . .
the amazing seafood dinner? real and present. . .
sleep still calls me,

it’s tomorrow here, or yesterday back home,
a phone call to the States like time traveling into the past,

concrete experience is solid and thinking ideas is abstract, 
I can easily lose my deep disturbing ideas
in the choices and enjoyment of the senses,

the wind just now rips at me,
and I shiver and start to feel this moment.

by Henry H. Walker
February 29, ’16

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