Monday, March 28, 2016

Equinox 16

Spring Equinox '16

I love to notice and appreciate season changes,

this weekend the Sun crosses the Equator
and brings life-giving power
increasingly to the northern half of the world,

this year, for the first time ever,
I’ve flown back and forth across the Equator
and felt the Southern Skies above me for a time,

now back in North Carolina, Spring is coming,
not the Fall coming to New Zealand,
crocus and daffodils mostly past here,

some trees and our blueberries race to green and flower,

I plant 11 tomatoes in the garden,
they who I started from seed six weeks ago,

I ready the soil for lettuce, sugar snap peas, and potatoes,

every day, wherever one is,
is a time of endings and a time of beginnings, 
how perfect to think of that on an Equinox,
poised between those two great truths. 

by Henry H. Walker
March 19, ’16

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