Thursday, December 31, 2015

willy-nilly we change the world

of the Winter Solstice 2015

Walker Prong Smokies

as the year winds down,
Canada sends us a taste of cold
to flurry snow on the mountains
and start to ice 
where water splashes and drips and seeps,

the steeper parts of the trail today take caution,
and enough ice slicks a high section
that we retreat back down the valley,

bright above me a quarter moon
silhouettes the reaching trees
whose leafless limbs remember summer and anticipate spring,

after writing these words, days pass,
and the Winter Solstice comes and goes behind curtains of gray,

a celestial show hard to notice and remember 
when we can’t see it and feel it,
unseasonable wet southern air denies 
that it’s time for freezing cold,

willy-nilly we change the world 
for our comfort, for our whim,
and this year the world reminds us
that we may have the power of a god,
but our souls are often too young to have wisdom.

by Henry H. Walker
December 24, ‘15

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