Thursday, December 31, 2015

of Rachel, Izzy, and Max

the joy of grandchildren

every child’s path from potential in the genes
to flesh and blood and soul reality
can be wondrous if growing pains
can be managed into birthing labor,

a grandchild can be particularly wondrous:
a reprise of what we remember in parenting,
with far less of the moment-to-moment managing and worry,
we have spells of absence and then presence 
so that  their development for us is in chapters
rather than easy-to-miss small incremental steps,

a 10 year-old fully coming into her intellectual and soul power,

a 7 year-old who can burn and joy with the fullness of her heart,

a 3 year-old programming himself
while hardware and software update faster
than he can readily reconcile,

as grandparents we love and appreciate
without condition and with wonder,
we joy with their joy and sorrow with their glitches,
as each gives birth to the best each can figure how to be.

by Henry H. Walker
December 26, ‘15

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