Monday, December 21, 2015

the "why" of it all

whence the spirit

I am intrigued by child development,
that progress from the womb dream into our tactile world,
there to learn what one can do and thus who one is
within the constraints and possibilities of tangible reality,
and then to learn the more intangible realities 
of connections with others,

I am also intrigued by adult development.

when young, physical development empowers,
when aging, physical development disempowers,
yet, if we’re lucky and work right at it,
the spirit can learn and remember 
to release the power inherent within it,

my parents gave me a great gift of the intangible:
the desire and drive to know, to understand
the “what” of it all,
the “how” of the cosmos,
yet I also want to know “why,”
the riddle that consciousness faces every moment,

I want to understand the order
the universe releases to build complexity, to resist stasis,
to use the self to subsume the self into enduring rightness.

by Henry H. Walker
December 18, ’15

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