Monday, January 4, 2016

imagination has power

power of light, power of dark

imagination is a double-edged sword,
it can ruthlessly cut through humdrum complacency,
and doors can then open:
doors into wonder and magic,
doors into possibility,

without imagination there could be no empathy,
no leaving of the calloused comfort of the atomized self,
yet the edge that is so empowering
on its downside can make me bleed beyond control,
to feel another’s effort and sorrow can wrench me,
to imagine all the darknesses
inherent in the cusp of every moment, fearsome,

imagination can destroy compartmentalization,
the being able to hold reality in little controllable boxes
that can help you survive trying times,

sometimes I see another persevering 
beyond what I imagine could be so,
I wonder if a lack of imagination
can be the little helper
that can keep the sword from cutting either way.

by Henry H. Walker
January 1, ‘16

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