Friday, January 29, 2016

Siri can disempower

technology can diminish us

there’s a deep irony
in how disempowering technology can be,
Google can answer most any question
but I fear we have fewer questions
than we did when we had to work for the answer,
the trivial online can seduce us away from thinking and work
as we surf the net with no more redeeming value
than surfing channels on television,

we can know where we are,
we can know what’s happening anywhere,
we can now just click for a quick answer,
and we then forget 
to use our own minds, guesses, decisions,
our autonomy diminishes, atrophies,
we follow Siri and not our own reckoning,

we send out our evaluations from our school
in electronic rather than paper form, we save paper!
and I fear each document has less value
because anything we get online
is tarnished by its ease
and by being kissing cousin to spam,

I fear we are diminished by our servants,
lessened when we forget to venture forth
in the audacious courage to believe that yes, we can.

by Henry H. Walker
January 25, ‘16

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