Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shen Wei out

a performance of dance

before we drop back into a state
where humans are but guests and animals are at home,
to where the art is of rock and blossom,
and of what animals express 
in their species-long contention to be, and to reproduce,

we attend a dance performance of the best 
of what we as a country can reveal,
of gifted, precise, brilliant movers,
who within a dominant director’s vision,
express their own exuberant improvisations,
a performance all high-tech with lights, sound, stage, video,

I deeply hope that when we soar we are worth the effort
in a world that does demand minus after minus
to allow for what can be plus after plus.

Dancers, artists seem so worth the effort, 
and it’s tragic how little we want to pay them.

image courtesy of Google Images
by Henry H. Walker
June 15, ’13

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