Thursday, July 11, 2013

ready to notice, and appreciate


the mountain sheep weren’t there on the hike up,

on the way back, a ewe and her lamb 
seemed to wait for us below the trail, 
at the top of a steep slope
on which the ewe nibbled grass 
and the lamb tried out sage,
enough protection for the mother 
so that she came close to us,
and I snapped photo after photo
to capture a bit of these animals, 
wild and true to themselves,

I hoped for wolves on the drive over,
and no wolves appeared, no moose,
 no grizzly except in the far distance,

I thought again of how important it is 
to not expect too much, too narrowly,
yet it’s also important to have 
a plethora of expectations, hopes,
so that when something is revealed,
we are ready to notice, 
and then to appreciate it.

by Henry H. Walker
June 23, ’13

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